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Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Sophia Scott is a rising independent artist on the music scene, capturing the hearts of listeners around the world. 

Taking a liking to reading and writing at an early age, Sophia began playing guitar and putting her words to music at the age of eight. Fine-tuning her craft and performance ability throughout high school, she went on to release her indie-pop debut, 'We Were Almost', in 2021, at the age of 19.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter reflects a captivating blend of classic rock, modern pop-country, and folk influences. Her sound is as refreshing as her poignant lyricism, which delves into the depths and intimacies of the human experience. 

Scott rapidly sold out her first headline show in 2023. Such was the demand that a second headline show was added, hastily selling out also. This feat came on the heels of her recognition by Brisbane industry professionals, where she was honoured with 'The QUBE Effect' award for 'Best Original Song’ for Fled The Altar. 


Her recent single, 'Why's Everyone Singing About Georgia?' explores the all-consuming obsession and limerence that can accompany the disappointment of a failed relationship. Scott's single launch for the song in November 2023 was a red hot sell out!


In the words of ABC’s Steve Austen, “Keep an ear out for Sophia because if you haven’t picked up already, she’s going places”.

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